Under the law, parents are responsible to provide financial support, known as child support, for their children until age 18 and in some circumstances child support can continue into early adulthood. Calculating the parents’ respective child support obligations is a service child support lawyers provide.

Child Support Calculations

A child support calculation may occur in an initial legal proceeding or later in a modification. The criteria allowing a modification are also set out in the applicable state laws. A parent’s child support obligation is determined by a guideline formula based on law and administrative rules. Generally, the formula used by child support attorneys takes into consideration the parents’ incomes, the amount of residential time each parent spends with the children (usually measured by overnights), and if there are other expenses such as work-related child care and / or health insurance premiums. A child beyond age 18 may continue to be eligible for support as well under a slightly different analysis.

Besides a cash contribution towards the child’s basic needs, a parent may also be required to provide health insurance, obtain life insurance to secure their future support, and help with extracurricular expenses for the child. In a small number of child support cases, the results of the guideline formula may be adjusted based on “deviation” factors such as the unique needs of the child or a parent’s limited financial resources.Your child support lawyer will work with you to identify your rights and responsibilities in your unique circumstance.

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