For most families, divorce is emotional and complicated. At Gearing Rackner & McGrath we work to make the process less stressful for our clients.

The divorce attorneys in our family law practice provide explanation on the relevant legal issues and offer advice that is specific to your family’s situation. After years practicing in family law, we understand that every family and every divorce is unique – our goal is to provide a path through divorce that responds to individual needs. The legalities and process for divorce are unfamiliar for most people. This lack of information and understanding only augments the frustration, anger, and other emotions that often accompany divorce. At GRM, we focus on helping you understand divorce proceedings and your options for dissolving a marriage. Then, we listen. The lawyers at GRM want to understand your concerns and objectives. Our experienced divorce lawyers offer guidance based on your specific circumstances to find a legal outcome that serves your family.

Divorce in Oregon & Washington

In Oregon and Washington, where GRM handles family law cases, the legal term for divorce is “dissolution of marriage.” Throughout both states, dissolution of marriage and divorce are used interchangeably to reference the legal process of ending a marriage. In contrast, legal separations and annulments are legal alternatives to divorce in Oregon and Washington. A divorce in Oregon and Washington is intended to be final. Each step in the legal process works towards a resolution between the former spouses, including division of property and debts, of spousal support and/or child support calculations and awards, and of provisions for child custody and parenting time. The family law attorneys at GRM assist clients with every aspect of a divorce, but recognize the personal nature of these issues. While firm and strategic, we approach each case with the optimism of compromise and the objective of finding a healthy resolution. In these efforts, GRM also has a robust collaborative divorce practice that helps clients resolve uncontested divorces.

Approach to Contested Divorce

GRM represents clients in all types of contested divorce cases – from an amicable separation the hits a few snags, to a case involving intense dispute over assets or custody. Divorces are contested for a multitude of reasons, and irrespective of those reasons, we can help. Oregon and Washington are no fault states, when it comes to divorce proceedings. The parties in these states do not allege “fault” or blame for the divorce, but approach the court based on irreconcilable differences. In these states, a request for divorce cannot be challenged. While a spouse cannot refuse the request for divorce, he or she can contest the details of the divorce. This includes opposition to the specific division of the marital estate, objection to the inclusion of spousal support, and disagreement on how custody, parenting time and child support are allocated. Our divorce attorneys rely on the statutory law as well as guidance from the appellate courts to advise their clients about the likely legal outcome based on their unique set of facts. While divorce laws provide both general and specific direction to judges, attorneys and the parties, each case is decided on its own merits. At the conclusion of the process, the court strives to reach an equitable, fair resolution. Once there is a resolution, whether agreed upon or reached after a court hearing, the terms of the divorce are memorialized in a Decree or General Judgment of Dissolution. With few exceptions, these terms are final, but far too often a divorce doesn’t feel final with the conclusion of the legal process. Our divorce attorneys continue to offer counsel on modification to court orders and disagreements that may arise after a divorce.

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