Portland Divorce Attorney 5-Star Reviews

Client Reviews for the Portland Family Law Attorneys of Gearing, Rackner & McGrath

I would definitely recommend this legal firm . Andrew Newsom Is the best ever attorney that i worked with.

He has skills on negotiations and always think out of the box and he come with option that would work best to my intrest. And the most part i liked is he is so honest if things doesn't work out he would tell you upfront to prevent you from spend lots of money because he knew I've went through alot and spent lots of money on my trial case . I appreciate the amazing legal work Andy did on my behalf. Thanks again Andy and big thanks to your team as well.

It is so stressful to need legal help and to know where to start.

They get it! I feel so taken care of and at ease with Gearing Rackner and McGrath Group. They are incredibly responsive and professional. I always appreciate their advice and work as their attentiveness is spot on! They got work done so quickly. I am so fortunate and grateful they are my team when I am in need. The outcome of my cases have been what I was striving for. Thanks so much!!

I was referred to Sarah Denner at Gearing, Rackner & McGrath LLP when it became clear that my path to divorce was not going to be straight forward.

Sarah is amazing! She handled every turn of my case with expertise and creative solutions to get the best outcome for me and my kids. Her compassion and patience helped me process complicated matters without getting overwhelmed. The rest of the staff at Gearing, Rackner & McGrath were all super supportive and professional as well. I felt taken care of and prioritized. I highly recommend Sarah Denner and her team and feel lucky to have been referred myself

I contacted Andy Newsom for help with child custody.

From the beginning, Andy was upfront with expectations and gave me a general layout of what to expect moving forward. Andy is a great communicator and has no issues making a complicated situation look easy. I had specific circumstances regarding my case and Andy knew exactly how to navigate every angle. Working with Andy definitely brought my stress level down, knowing that someone has your back in a highly stressful situation is imperative. I highly recommend Andy Newsom and his team, Also big Thanks to Linda. Thanks GRM!

I had the honor of being connected to Andy Newsom at Gearing Rackner & McGrath by a trusted friend at the onset of my separation.

It was a unique situation involving a child, co habitation, pre - marital assets etc. We met with therapists, mediators as well and I can honestly say that nobody during the process came close to how helpful Andy and his team was and has been. Not only as a lawyer but someone who truly cared about the well being of everyone involved. Andy's ability to address the complicated emotional aspects of divorce with the legal side is impressive. I learned valuable lessons in our meetings that I still carry with me today. I can't recommend him and the firm highly enough.

GRM was very helpful and responsive to my urgent situation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They were a collaborative partner in getting my case to a positive conclusion. I recommend others contact Andrew Newsom and/or GRM in general to ensure optimal resolution of your situation.

I worked with Andy Newsom at Gearing Rackner & McGrath during the process of my divorce.

My biggest fear in going through this process was someone who would be high-pressure, and would want to drag this out. Andy was definitely not that person. He was genuinely interested in my concerns, and listening to what I hoped for as an outcome in the process. He was honest, and up front about what was and was not likely realistic, and not once did he try to push me in one direction or another. He was concise, and addressed any questions I had without leaving me feeling confused or inducing more anxiety. I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone going through this process.It's hard enough to steer through the emotional parts of divorce, and I'm happy I didn't have to steer the legal aspects of this alone or with someone that I felt didn't have my best interests in mind. I was happy with the services I received at Gearning Rackner & McGrath, right down to the staff that I was also in contact with during the process.

Andy Newsom and Linda make an AWESOME team!

Andy has extensive knowledge in the subject area and planned my case well; hence we got the outcome we had hoped for! Very responsive to my repeated needs and requests! Definitely recommend Andy Newsom and the GRM Team!

I worked with Adam McKibben, I can not recommend him enough.

He was very professional and answered all of my questions in a very and timely manner and was a great relief. I recommend him highly

Thank you, David Gearing, Adam McKibben and team for the fantastic representation.

Your expertise, professionalism and superior level of support and guidance during the case was outstanding, and leaves me with no hesitation in recommending you to anyone needing assistance in their own family law matters.

I’d like to thank Andy Newsom from bottom of my heart.

Before coming to Gearing Rackner and McGrath I had previous counsel who made mistakes that ended up costing me time with my kids and a lot of money. Andy clearly explained my options and provided me with realistic expectations. He did everything he could to help me understand all of the costs of each option. He really helped me feel comfortable and confident. After our initial consultation he quickly picked up the pieces of my case. He put together a plan of attack which led to negotiations and a fair and equitable resolution. I realized right away how ethical he is. He clearly proved himself as an outstanding attorney, but, just as important, he was honest, kind hearted, and personable. Andy and his team are invaluable and will fight for your rights as a parent. I am forever grateful and blessed to have had them on my side. Sincerely, Karl Biedritzky

Thought I could manage my divorce through mediation alone.

Not until Adam Shelton came on board did I feel safe, supported, and fully informed. Huge shift from feeling overwhelmed and fearful to being proactive and productive - you need someone knowledgeable, experienced, hard working, and compassionate in your corner.

I would recommend Dave Gearing to anyone needing family law services.

He helped guide me through a difficult family transition period, with the results in line with what he said would happen. He gave me the opportunity to save money by letting me do as much of the work as I was able to. Dave's wealth of experience showed through in his relationships with many of the major players in the process. He was creative when called for, calming in stressful times, and could help me step back and laugh occasionally from a broader perspective. His staff was great to work with, too. Dave is somebody you can trust to give you an accurate assessment, fight hard for your interests, and seek a fair resolution.

I worked with Adam McKibben this time around had had a very good experience just like the first time i used this firm.

I would highly recommend Adam Shelton to anyone looking for family legal representation.

Adam is hard-working and reliable. While I know he was working with many clients, I always felt like a top priority. He was prompt at responding to me and answering all my questions. Adam is trustworthy and personable. He gave me sound legal advice and helped me make the most reasonable decisions in my situation. He was always well prepared and his knowledge and hard work paid off. Divorce is never easy but working with Adam helped make the best of a difficult situation.

Andy and the rest of the team are impressive.

They are receptive, thorough, friendly, and can somehow make really complicated matters simple to understand. Highly recommended!

I would like to fully recommend this firm.

Andy Newsom and his team were amazing attentive to details and incredibly supportive during this exceedingly difficult time. This is the second time I have used this firm and can honestly say, I would not have received the outcome without their icredible dillegence. Thank you.

Very professional.

A sheer delight to work with Andy.

David Gearing, Adam McKibben, and the rest of the team did an excellent job handling my contentious custody modification case.

David was consistently two steps ahead of the process and proactively managed issues before they arose. The team was responsive and available at all times, always professional, and negotiated a reasonable settlement in a scenario that I was sure was going to result in an ugly and expensive trial. David was an excellent advocate, and more importantly, put his experience to work securing a settlement that had my families best interests at heart.

Andy Newsom helped me navigate one of the worst times of my life.

He understands the emotional toll while keeping an even keel. His “bed side manner” kept me confident and focused. He lays out your options and scenarios in layman terms and really puts a magnifying glass on the bigger picture as well as your future. This is uncharted territory for most of us. Many things I didn’t realize I had to consider. Andy was actually my second attorney and I interviewed quite a few. He was a champion for my interests without adding additional confrontation to an already contemptuous dynamic. After all, we have to rebuild a new functioning relationship with our children’s other parent. Mr. Newsom’s legal assistant is a true professional and the nicest person. This is not a situation we hope to find ourselves in, but I’m glad I had this team fighting for me.

Thank you for your service

While Laura Rackner has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best family law litigators in Portland, she must now be counted among our very best collaborative lawyers as well.

Her versatility enables her to offer a non-adversarial approach to those many clients seeking an amicable divorce. Laura has interpersonal skills, negotiation expertise, and psychological sophistication that enable her to handle the nuanced settlement discussions of good collaborative law. As a mediator and collaborative lawyer who has worked with Laura often, I know she is completely trustworthy and has great integrity. I highly recommend her.

Laura Rackner is a seasoned professional with an excellent professional reputation in the Portland community.

She is capable and competent with litigated and cooperative divorce cases. What most impresses me is Laura's caring and personal approach. In my experience, she deeply cares about the families that she serves and goes the extra mile to help them. Laura has the rare combination of professional excellence and accolades from peers with humility and caring for her clients. She has my respect and highest endorsement!