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Which counties do you serve?

GRM attorneys are licensed to practice statewide in Oregon, but we work most often in the following counties: Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Clatsop, Columbia, and Yamhill. Oregon appeal cases are resolved by the appellate courts in Salem, so it does not matter where your case originates if you are seeking representation in an appeal.

Several GRM attorneys also practice in SW Washington. In Washington, we primarily focus on the following counties: Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, Klickitat.

If you are interested in hiring a GRM attorney but do not see your county listed here, please contact us. Our attorneys will travel to other counties as long as it is practical and advisable for the client. If you would be better served by a local attorney, we will offer you a referral to another high-quality lawyer or firm so that you are taken care of.

Do you offer free consultations?

No. We believe that an honest, high quality consultation is essential for anyone facing a family law issue. Some law firms offer consultations for free. In our view, these firms depend on their ability to sell people on further legal services. Our philosophy is different. We want to provide you with the best possible advice at the outset so that you can avoid or limit further legal expenses. Accordingly, consultations are billed at your attorney’s normal hourly rate.

Can I choose which attorney I work with?

Yes. If your research or referral source leads you to one particular attorney, we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. However, there are rare case where it is not possible or practical to match you with your chosen attorney. This most commonly occurs for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The attorney is not taking new cases due to workload.
  • The attorney is not available for an urgent hearing or deadline in your case.
  • The attorney has an hourly rate that is too high based on your financial circumstances.
  • A different attorney would be a better fit for your case based on his or her skill set or prior experience.

Our intake specialist will speak with you about your situation and ensure that you are matched with the best possible attorney for your case. Prior to your call, we encourage you to browse the information on our attorney page.

What are the hourly rates of GRM attorneys?

Our hourly rates are subject to change over time. To learn the current rate of an individual attorney, please inquire by calling 503.468.6741

Yes. During your initial consultation, your attorney will work with you to determine the most efficient and effective path based on your individual circumstances. Some clients require nothing more than document review or preparation. Others may require ongoing advice (i.e. coaching), but do not need or want full representation. Some cases are a good candidate for collaborative law and others are not. We will work with you during your consultation to find the best path forward.

What can I expect at my initial consultation?

The form and content of your consultation will depend on your circumstances and on the preference of your consulting attorney. We ask all of our clients to provide a variety of basic information prior to consultation. We encourage you to speak with our intake specialist about any questions and concerns that you may have.

Questions that you may want to ask our intake specialist include:

  • Can I bring a family member or friend with me?
  • Should I bring my business attorney, tax attorney or other professional?
  • Can I consult by telephone?
  • Can my attorney review certain documents before we meet?
How do I retain a GRM attorney?

After one or more consultations, you may desire to formally retain one of our attorneys. In order to retain, three things must occur:

  1. You deposit an agreed-upon amount of money (i.e. an initial retainer) which is applied towards your future bills or refunded if unused.
  2. You sign a retainer agreement.
  3. The firm signs the retainer agreement signed by you.
How much will my case cost in total?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the total cost of a family law matter. Some cases require only a few hours of attorney time and others require hundreds. The cost of your case will depend on the complexity and contentiousness of your situation and on the behavior of the other party and their attorney. You are free to ask your attorney for the likely cost range of your particular matter, but we are unable to make any guarantees.

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