What To Do After A Divorce Is Finalized?

A dissolution of marriage, also known as divorce, legally ends a marriage. During the divorce process, the spouses and court settle issues such as property distribution, spousal support, child support, and child custody. If the spouses come to agreement on the divorces issues, the court reviews the agreement for its approval. When spouses cannot agree, the court makes the legal and equitable determination to resolve the divorce case.

Once the judge signs the judgment of dissolution of marriage, the marriage is over, and the divorce is finalized. The judgment is the order from the court that details the rulings, determinations, and dissolution of the matter. It may state:

  • That the marriage is over
  • The child custody arrangement
  • The parenting time
  • Child support order
  • Spousal support order
  • Property distribution
  • Division of bill between parties
  • Restoration of spouse’s former name
  • The division of court cost and fees between parties

After a couple is divorced, they can obtain a divorce certificate from the state Vital Records office. Although the certificate does not contain the information that is in the divorce decree, the certificate serves and proof of the divorce. Once a divorce is finalized spouses may need review the divorce judgment in order to update information that changed because of the divorce.

For a spouse who had their named changed in the divorce, he or she needs to update all of their legal and governmental identification. They also need to contact banking institutions, credit card companies, creditors, department of motor vehicles, and any other entities that require a person’s legal name. The judgement of dissolution of marriage is evidence to the entities that the person’s name has been legally changed and what the new legal name is. The person will need a new driver’s license, passport, and social security card with their changed legal name. Also her employer must update work information such as 401K, payroll benefits and w2 forms, with the new legal name.

After divorce, the parents must make the arrangements to adhere to the child custody and parenting time order. This may means moving the child from a former residence to the physical custody of the other parent under the court order. The former spouses must also create schedule to allow for parenting time as set forth in the judgment. An agreement on location for pick-up and drop-off as well as each parent providing to their respective contact information with each other.

One of the major tasks after the divorce is finalized if for the former spouses to handle the property they received out of the divorce. If property has been distributed from one spouse to another, the spouses need to change the titles on the property. Vehicles will need transfers of title to the party they are awarded. A copy of the divorce judgment must specifically describe the vehicles for transfer of title. Land and houses that are distributed to parties in the divorce decree may need to have a transfer of the deed to the new owner as stated in the order.

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