The Timeline for an Oregon Divorce

How long does it take to get a divorce in Oregon?

Oregon Divorce Timeline

The decision to end a marriage is a difficult one. Divorce is rarely the first alternative, and many couples only decide to divorce after having tried to work things out for months, or even years. Once it becomes clear that getting a divorce is the best option, the next question is how long will the divorce process take?

Oregon is a “no-fault” state, meaning that either spouse does not need a reason to file for divorce. Thus, one spouse cannot legally stop another spouse from obtaining a divorce. Generally, getting a divorce in Oregon does not take a long time. Unlike other states, Oregon does not have a mandatory waiting period to file for divorce. Thus, under the most straightforward circumstances, an Oregon divorce can take as little as a few weeks. However, practically speaking, divorces usually take much longer, depending on a variety of factors.

How long does someone need to live in Oregon before filing for divorce?

The first thing to consider when contemplating a divorce is the state’s six-month residency requirement. While Oregon does not have a waiting period to file for divorce, Oregon courts can typically only hear over a divorce proceeding if one of the spouses has lived in the state for at least six months. However, new residents who have not lived in the state for six months can obtain a legal separation that can later be converted into a divorce after the six-month residency requirement is met.

What do spouses need to agree on to get an Oregon divorce?

The amount of time it takes to get divorced in Oregon depends on several circumstances. Generally, when a divorce is uncontested the process will be much quicker. To get divorced in Oregon, the parties must agree on the following:

  • The official ending date of the marriage
  • The amount of spousal support, if any
  • How the couple’s property and debt will be divided
  • Child custody and visitation issues
  • The amount of child support
  • Which spouse will be responsible for the children’s health insurance and medical bills

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on each of the above issues. Coming to an agreement in advance on these issues greatly reduces the amount of court appearances that will be necessary, in turn making the overall process much faster. Most Oregon divorces end up taking a few months to complete; however, divorces involving high net-worth individuals or those that present complex custody issues can take more than a year to resolve.

What can be done to expedite the Oregon divorce process?

When it comes to getting a divorce in Oregon, it is more important to do things correctly than to do them quickly. Even details that seem insignificant at the time can have lasting implications. Thus, it is crucial to maintain a long-term focus when considering the terms of an Oregon divorce.

Understandably, for many, once the decision to get divorced has been reached, they want to formalize the divorce as quickly as possible. Those hoping to get a fast Oregon divorce should consider gathering all financial information and then contacting an experienced Oregon divorce attorney. With the help of a divorce lawyer, divorcing spouses can efficiently move through the process while taking care to protect their interests along the way.

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