How To Prepare For A Divorce Consultation With An Attorney

Millions of couple marry every year. As couples begin their marital lives together, they do not anticipate that one day they may divorce. However, approximately 800,000 spouses divorce each year. Every divorce is different. Spouses handle the divorce in their own ways. The outcome a divorce varies on the issues of the divorce, the property involved, the children involved, and the ability of the spouses to agree or compromise. Therefore, the divorce process can be amicable, stress-inducing, or contentious.

A divorce is legal process to terminate a marriage. The procedure for a divorce case can be time-consuming, complex, and with divorce case, personal and emotional. It is best to have an experienced, knowledgeable Oregon divorce attorney to handle the divorce to protect and inform the spouse of all legal rights and obligations.

Law firms and private attorneys may set their attorney’s fees based on the legal experience, the standing of the firm or attorney in the industry, or the nature of the case. For certain cases, some attorney may charge and hourly rate while billing certain cases at a flat fee. Upon hiring an attorney or while searching for legal representation, the attorney schedules an initial consultation with the client or potential client to assess the case. The initial consultation may be free or set at a discounted fee or rate. For many initial attorney consultations, the client must pay the fee prior to meeting – either before the date of the meeting or on the day of the meeting but before the consult.

Most divorce cases are set at a flat fee. On average, law firms charge as starting costs $700 to $1500 for uncontested divorces while contested divorce may be $5,000 or more. Once a client has chosen a divorce attorney, they must prepare for the initial meeting with the attorney as well as prepared for the divorce process. To prepare for the divorce consultation, the client should have the consultation fee, if there is one, ready to give to the attorney before or at the start of the consult.

The divorce consultation is the meeting between the attorney and the client to review documents, facts, and issues regarding the divorce. At the consultation, attorney and client discuss the marriage, the issues in the marriage, what has led to getting a divorce, and the spouses’ incomes, assets, and debts. To prepare for the meeting, the client should bring a list of possible issues that need to be resolved in the divorce, such as spousal support, child support, and child custody. The client should also have a list of property that the spouses have interests in or own. The client must also be prepared to be very candid about himself, his spouse, and the marriage. Withholding information that may put someone in an unflattering view prevents the attorney from knowing all of the facts and details to needed to handle the divorce properly.

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