Domestic Partnerships and Cohabitation Agreements

Domstic Partnerships

Domestic Partnerships

Local laws related to domestic partnerships continue to evolve and there is now recognition of and legal protection for registered relationships in both Oregon and Washington. Many, if not all, of the laws applicable to traditional marriage, divorce, and legal separation also apply to domestic partnerships. If the relationship ends, this usually means property rights, spousal support, and issues related to any joint children may be resolved in a single or companion legal proceedings.

Besides these formal relationships, both states provide limited relief when certain “informal” marriage-like relationships end. Each person’s past statements and conduct may be examined to best determine their intent related to property and debts acquired during the relationship. If there are children involved, separate legal proceedings may be required to address their needs.

There are significant differences in the procedure and legal analysis between cases of domestic partnership versus unmarried partners. The lawyers at our firm are committed to achieving a fair outcome, regardless of the legal nature of your relationship, and can work with you towards this goal.

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